Why Plato's Closet

I would say it was about a year ago that I started really taking a look at my wardrobe and deciding that I wanted a change. I wanted to take risks, try new things, and really show my quirky personality through my wardrobe, accessories, etc.

While trying to save money for my upcoming wedding AND trying to re-vamp my closet, I decided that I should look for pieces (yes I call my clothing pieces, just as they are a work of art) from some "not the norm" places.

Plato’s Closet is hands down the ONLY place I shop now, with the exception of a thrilling find at Goodwill that is. 

I have 100% been able to find current styles, quality items, and popular brands at a FRACTION of retail prices.

If you would like to know more about Plato’s Closet, or find a location in your area, please visit www.platoscloset.com. I like to visit a variety of locations, including Buford, Alpharetta, and Sandy Springs.

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