Thursday, August 23, 2012

new day, new shirt

Disclaimer: I started a new job yesterday, so these pictures were taken in the beautiful bathroom of my new office.

In preparing for my first day at my new job, I of course needed a new spunky outfit to say, "HEY JOB, THIS IS ME!"

After I put this outfit together I realized this entire outfit, minus accessories, is from Plato's Closet.

White skinny jeans: (the Limited) Plato's Closet $8.00

Blazer: (Target) Plato's Closet $6.00

Top: (H&M) Plato's Closet $5.00

I like that this shirt is fitted with the side zipper.

Love the semi Peter Pan collar

Finished off with my most favorite Target sandals

I promise that I won't have too many more work bathroom photo sessions. I'm breaking down and actually getting a full length mirror. I have been standing on the side of my bath tub to get the full view, since we moved in over a year ago :-)

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